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It would be hard to imagine pornography today without the classic porn movies of the 1970s. Over four decades ago, a quiet revolution took place in the world of adult entertainment. A few bold directors and producers choose to take erotic display to a new level. They started producing films that showed explicit sexual behavior. While these sexual practices were perfectly normal and natural, previous movies avoided including them in their scripts.

The golden era of porn films (1969-1984) completely changed the way we view pornography today and it ensured the spectacular success of the adult entertainment industry. Here are the classic porn movies that led the explicit revolution:

Deep Throat

This 1972 erotic movie starring Linda Lovelace is without a doubt the biggest breakthrough made by the porn industry. What differentiated this film from other porn movies were its fully written script, character development and carefully-constructed production. As a result, viewers had the experience of watching a regular story intertwined with erotic scenes. Even movie critics like Roger Ebert acknowledged the film’s legacy many years after its original release.

Behind the Green Door

This movie was the second major porn release of 1972. It was directed by the Mitchell Brothers and it starred Marilyn Chambers, who went to become a major star of the adult entertainment business. Behind the Green Door awed its public with extremely explicit scenes of sexual nature that have never been seen before in an erotic production. The main actress (Chambers) does not have a single line of dialogue throughout the movie, but that never seemed to bother the audience.

The Devil in Miss Jones

The Devil in Miss Jones started as a minor project of porn director Gerard Damiano before becoming a cult classic of erotic filmography soon after its release in 1973. The movie boasts an impressive plotline and tells the story of a dead woman trapped in limbo who has to earn her place in heaven through sexual intercourse. Damiano dwelled upon themes like suicide, religion and sexual exploration in an era when most porn movies were shot without even a written script.

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